Boondi Raita to relish in scorching heat

Boondi Raita to relish in scorching heat

Recipe by Priti Gupta


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When we think about defending the heat in a typical way, there’s one thing we could not miss is the Raita. And the evergreen Boondi add the taste into the already established delicacy. Curd is famous for the cooling characteristics & also helps in digestion. Raita could be distributed amazingly post meal.  You can see varieties of Raita such as Okra Raita, Guava Raita, Spinach Raita and more.
Actually, you could include own twist & way of spices into the delicious curd recipe. Raita could also be eaten with some other dishes like Palak Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, etc. Each area possesses separate set of masala, that provide the raita recipe a unique taste & flavour. Boondi Raita also makes for a healthy & mouth watering low-carb dish. You could tweak the typical recipe according to your palate choice.


  • gram flour (besan)-100 gm

  • salt as needed

  • handful pomegranate seeds-1

  • tablespoon refined oil-2

  • yoghurt (curd)-2 cup

  • red chilli powder-1/2 tsp

  • garam masala powder-1 pinch

  • handful chopped coriander leaves-1


  • Boondi Raita is an amazing delicacy for hot days, that could be easily made at home. Here are the steps to make the food with these some easy tactics.
  • Bring a glass bowl & drop water & gram flour. Combine all the components properly. Make the pourable & thick.
  • Heat oil in a kadai with high flame. Add batter into a boondi dish placed on a hot oil. Be careful for the hot oil to not spill it over. Fry till golden brown. Detach the boondi & drain excess oil.
  • Bring another vessel and add red chilli powder, salt, roasted cumin powder, sugar, chopped coriander leaves, chilled curd and black pepper powder as topping with crispy boondi. Decorate it with coriander leaves & green chillies to make your Raita ready.
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