Top 5 Best Samosa Recipes – Region Wise

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Intro :-

The word samosa comes from the Persian word “Sanbosag.” It is believed that it has reached India from central Asia. After reaching India, various transformations happened to the recipe according to the region, and all of them made it a benchmark and one of the most popular recipes.

Here are the five region wise samosa recipes:-

Bengali Shingara :-

Bengali Shingara- Samosa Recipe

Shingara is a rename of “Samosa” which is called in Bengal and nearby regions. You will see this Bengali shingara at every house on any occasion or during evening snacks. This is the same as samosa, but the filling is made with cauliflower, potato, peas, and peanuts.

Punjabi Samosa :-

These kinds of Punjabi samosas are generally bigger in size and spicy too. When it comes to stuffing, you will see paneer stuffed with potatoes, which is difficult to see in other regions. Also, raisins and cashews are used to increase the flavour and make the recipe rich.

Serving here is a bit different, as it is served with chole (chickpeas) and garnished with onions and chutneys.

Panjabi Samosa Recipe

Patti Samosa (Gujrati Samosa) :-

Recipe of Patti Samosa

These kinds of  Patti samosas come from Gujarat, where finely chopped, cubed potatoes are used to make the Patti samosas. The taste is quite different from other varieties of samosa. Whole wheat flour is used in place of maida to make these Patti samosas because cabbage is used for filling, and, cabbage and maida don’t go well with each other.

South Indian Samosa :-

In Southern Part, you will find South Indian samosas bit different ad they resemble Portuguese chamucas. The filling is made up of fried onions, spices, carrots, peas, cabbage, green chillies, and curry leaves and is served with coconut chutney.

Brief Recipe of South Indian Samosa

Sweet Samosa :-

Recipe of Sweet Samosa

A totally different variety from the typical sweet samosa. You may find similarities in terms of shape and size, however, the filling may contain sweet ingredients, and it is deep-fried in ghee. And, in the end, they are dipped into the sugar syrup.

These are the 5 top samosa recipes according to our list. Share your thoughts in the comments section. Also let us know which samosa recipe you would like to prepare at your home. We will share the dedicated recipe post for you and your loved once.


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