Paneer Jalfrezi: A Flavorful Journey Through Indian Cuisine

Paneer Jalfrezi is a delicious and popular Indian dish that features Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) Cooked with an assortment of colorful vegetables in a spicy and flavorful tomato based sauce. It’s a vegetarian dish that is both satisfying and full of vibrant colors. Here a basic recipe for Paneer Jalfrezi.

Paneer Jalfrezi: A Flavorful Journey Through Indian Cuisine

Recipe by Priti Gupta


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Enjoy this paneer recipe at home with your dear ones.

Ingredients of Paneer Jalfrezi:

  • Paneer – 500 gm

  • Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp

  • Garam masala powder – two tsp

  • Red chili powder – two tsp

  • Green pepper (Capsicum) – three

  • Green chili – three

  • Red onion – two

  • Red bell pepper – one

  • Salt as per requirement

  • Vinegar – two tbsp

  • Turmeric – one tsp

  • Cumin seeds – two tsp

  • Tomato – three

  • Ginger – three inches

  • Red chili – three

  • Coriander leaves – 1/2 cup

How to prepare Paneer Jalfrezi:

  • 1) To make the delicious dish, clean green chilies, ginger, red bell pepper, paneer, tomatoes, coriander leaves in the running water. Then, cut the red chilies in 2 pieces & slice the red onions in thick slices. And, cut the capsicum in pieces.
  • Now, cut the ginger in pieces & chop green chilies properly. And, cut the red bell peppers and tomatoes into halves & put them beside. Now, chop coriander leaves & cut paneer in long pieces.
  • Now, put a kadhai on a moderate flame & heat the oil into it. When the oil is sufficiently hot, have cumin seeds & splutter them. Now, add red chilies into the oil & temper for some seconds. Then, stir one time & have sliced onions, ginger pieces & saute the mix for around two mins.
  • Then, add turmeric powder, red chili powder into the kadhai & cook the masalas for one minute. Then, add capsicum & red bell pepper pieces & cook for around five mins. Now, add paneer pieces in the kadhai & saute for two mins.
  • Then, add vinegar, salt, tomatoes alongside garam masala in the kadhai & cook the vegetables for five mins. Garnish using coriander leaves & serve hot with paratha or roti of your preference!

Enjoy and relish an amazing lip smacking Paneer Jalfezi. The high protein dish for all vegetarians and a foodie.

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