Various varieties of beans

Legumes or beans are always considered as highly nutritional and healthy food, which are consumed with a great rate across the world. Beans such as Kidney Bean or Rajma etc. are the powerhouse of fiber and protein. And they are easily available in dried or canned form.

Here is the list some most popular and common beans (rajma )with the description:-

1) Black Beans:- Black beans or black rajma are rich in magnesium. In appearance, these beans have a velvety texture which makes it too good in look. In terms of taste, they have bit os sweet taste which goes superbly with smoky flavors. These beans are available in dried or canned form. Paring colorful vegetables and fruits with this shiny purple-black beans are an ideal option for salads.

2) Black-Eyed Peas:- There appearance is as per their name, black color at the center covered with cream color all over, they look so attractive. They come in small and big size. In India, it is also called with the name of “Chowli”.

3) Cannellini Beans:- Origin of Italy, cannellini beans are generally large in size. They are creamy white in color. After cooked, they give a fluffy texture with a bit nutty and mild flavor. They are available all year round. For convenience, people generally use canned cannellini beans as it required minimal preparation. But, if you are looking for flavor and texture, dried cannellini beans are best.

4) Chickpeas:- Chickpeas are highly consumed beans than any other beans in the world. They are also popular with the name of Garbanzo Beans, They are very good looking, round shaped beans with high nutritional value. When cooked, they give a nutty flavor.

5) Great Northern Beans:-  These white, medium-sized beans are generally used for making baked beans and “Pork and Beans”. These kinds of beans are available in dried or canned form. Navy beans or cannellini beans can be used as a substitution of Great Northern Beans.1 lb. dried great northern beans are equals to 2 cups dried or 6 to 7 cups cooked dried beans.

6) Kidney Beans:- They are popularly called as “rajma” in India. In appearance, they are reddish from outside but white from inside. They are packed with protein and other various health benefits. They are the substitute of meat for vegetarians. Gym going vegetarian people always prefer to add rajma beans in their diet.


The author belongs to a small village in India. In the village, he has always surrounded by various kinds of legumes or vegetables. With this medium, he is sharing healthy foods like rajma or Kidney beans with the world.

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