Bihari Dum Keema-The Relishing Variant For You

Bihari Dum Keema-The Relishing Variant For You

Recipe by Priti GuptaCourse: Breakfast, Dining, Lunch


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This Bihari Dum Keema is mouthwatering, and tender minced beef with hot naan. The smoky taste inserts from providing the cooked beef “dum”. Here is the recipe.


  • mincemeat (chicken/beef)-500g

  • medium onions, well sliced-3

  • yogurt-1.5 cups

  • salt-1 Tsp

  • oil-1/2 cup

  • garlic ginger paste-1.5 tbsp

  • green cardamoms-2

  • whole red chilies, dried-10

  • black peppercorns-1/2 Tsp

  • cloves-6

  • white cumin-1 tsp

  • a tiny piece of charcoal-1

  • mint leaves-1/4 cup

  • tiny onion, sliced-1

  • green chilies, sliced-2

  • cucumber, sliced-1


  • Put the mince in a dry cloth. Fold the sides to make a ball. Rub & squeeze to detach extra water from the mince.
  • Let it sit for ten mins.
  • Detach the dried mince in a clean plate.
  • Beat the yogurt, garlic ginger paste & salt.
  • Drop the dried mince. Combine well.
  • In a vessel with moderate heat pour the oil. When it’s hot drop the onions. Fry till brownish gold.
  • When brown remove from heat, scoop out onions in a dish straining off extra oil. Wipe off the oil with a paper towel.
  • Put the onions in the freezer for twenty minutes to crispen up.
  • Add dry masalas into the oil. Drop cloves, peppercorns, whole red chilies, green cardamoms & cumin.
  • Fry on moderate heat till brown.
  • Strain off the extra oil. Scoop out fried sabut masala in a tiny vessel.
  • Let it cool for five-ten minutes.
  • Then strain out the hot oil. Pour the oil in the mince mixture. Combine properly.
  • Drop the fried sabut masala. Seal from 1 end. Crush the masala on a wooden board with a mallet.
  • When done, drop the crushed masala to the mince mixture.
  • Then bring out onions from the freezer, put them in a bag & crush them.
  • Drop the crushed onions to the mince mixture.
  • Marinate for one hr.
  • When marinated, drop the mincemeat mixture into a vessel with moderate heat.
  • Cover & cook for 40-45 minutes till the mince is tender, properly made & water has vaporized.
  • Heat the charcoal on the stove till red hot.
  • Put the cut of charcoal.
  • Pour 1/2 teaspoon of oil.
  • Put the bowl in the pot with the cooked keema.
  • Cover the pot for a few minutes.
  • When done, dish out the minced keema in a dish.
  • Decorate with onions, mint leaves, green chillies & cucumbers.
  • Distribute with mint chutney & hot parathas.

The Author is born and brought up in Delhi. He is an expert food blogger and loves non-vegetarian like a mad man. So, he loves to write about Keema too.

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