Biryani or Pulao: Spotting the Differences

Both biryani and pulao are the common dishes that the people consume on an everyday basis. Actually, we love both types of foods. But, lots of people will not be able to tell any difference between biryani and pulao and eat one for the other. What’s significant to note that biryani and pulao aren’t the same dishes.

What’s Pulao?

Pulao generally refers to the cooked rice that is brown in the color with important components of broth or other spices. This dish is used mainly in the Middle East & India. It’s worth to note that the other food products and additives that include vegetables and meat, can also be added for making this food appealing and tastier.

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What’s Biryani?

Referred to as biryani, this dish includes rice mixed with some other food items that will trace the origin in the South Asian area. It’s worth to note that Muslims of Indian subcontinent mainly use rice dish. Additionally, Indians in the native country or other parts of the world are well known for using biryani as the favorite dish. This product is quite popular in the whole world that has made people from other areas of the world to like this wonderful dish.

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Main Differences Between Biryani and Pulao

The most distinguishing features are the time it takes to make both Biryani and pulao. Preparing biryani will take more time compared to the time taken for making a similar quantity of pulao. It is explained by a fact that low flame can be used while cooking biryani so it will provide the appropriate flavor, texture & sweetness. It is very important to know that biryani can be prepared by using the sealed container in order to prevent its flavor to escape from your food whereas conserving energy. Alternatively, less time will be used when making pulao that makes it take readily in lesser time.
Layering during the Preparation of Biryani and Pulao
One more distinguishing feature between biryani and pulao is the use of the layers during the preparation. During biryani preparation, generally, layers are used with every layer comprising various constituents of dish whereas preparation of pulao doesn’t involve any such use or formation of the layers.

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