You must be a foodie, and your love for food makes your visit here on this website possible. As a foodie, you must be aware of the various chaat dishes available in India. Out of which, if one asks you about the most common and favorite chaat dish, then the answer will be Pani Puri for sure. Pani Puri is a chaat dish which is available in every corner of India. You may experience a bit of difference in presentation and the ingredients used, but the basic recipe remains the same.   Though Pani puri is altogether a separate recipe, using those puris you can make several other dishes that are not only delicious but also attractive looking. Some of them are,

Dahi Puri –


This is another member of the famous Pani Puri, which is made using crispy puris. These crunchy puffed puris are stuffed with potatoes or sprouts and topped with various sweet, spicy, and tangy chutneys. Also, finely chopped onions and tomatoes are topped with thick curd and sev at the end.

 The ingredients themselves explain how delicious this dish is going to be. This is an ideal option for a party or get-together snacks. You can also treat your guests to this delicious Dahi Puri, which takes less time to prepare and is made with ready-made ingredients.

Ragda Puri


This is quite similar to dahi puri; the only difference is the stuffing, which is replaced with boiled peas (Batana), and curd is not used to make this dish. Rest all ingredients are same. In the end, it is topped with various other spices.

Sev Puri –


This snack originated in Mumbai and is most popular in the Maharashtra region. The main ingredients are puri, potatoes, onions, chutneys, and sev. This snack is strongly associated with a street snack. This is also known as “Papdi chat,” where “puri” is replaced with “papdi.” This papdi is made using plain flour, and it’s harder than puri.

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